WHY IS THE VINS so special?

VINS is a universal bedding for all home pets (cats, dogs, rodents, birds) and for industrial animals, made entirely from natural materials. It has exceptional power of absorption and for eliminating unpleasant odors. It does not stick to paws or fur of animals. The bedding is non-toxic to all warm-blooded animals. Because of special way in its operation, bedding VINS prevents parasites during use.
The original VINS smell of pine during application.
Wash the bottom of the cage or hygiene tank. On the wet bottom, fill the bedding to a height of 1-3 cm. For faster work and neutralizing unpleasant odors, add 1-2 dl of water for every half kg of bedding.
If your bedding start to dust, spray it with water. Once a day clean hard waste and mix bedding. If necessary, you can add more bedding to the recommended height.
With proper application of bedding, it will prevent unpleasant odors at least for 30 days, but normally it last much longer.
When smells occurs, do not throw bedding in the trash. Put it on the open land on the sunny location and wait it complete its internal process. In about two months, it will convert into first class humus, odorless, adulterated, as they have some mineral fertilizers. The speed of the process depends on the outside temperature and humidity, so you can speed it up by wetting and loosening bedding.
Storage in a dry place. We do not recommend storage on direct sunlight. Duration is unlimited.
500 g, 1000 g and 3000 g of bedding VINS for home pets.
15 kg of bedding VINS for industrial animals.
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